Practitioner Training Course in Neuro Linguistic Programming

What would it feel like to be the one your friends and family admire for your positive attitude or deep understanding of how people think, or both? What would it look like to live life as a practitioner of meaningful work? Or to make extra money from a side-hustle? What is freedom, happiness and confidence worth to you?

About my NLP courses

There’s a formula to success. Here’s an easy blueprint I have to help get you there.

This life-changing, intimate 7 day virtual training program teaches proven Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) skills to people like you who are looking to master their mindset and up-level their life.

It’s designed to turn your limiting beliefs, negative emotions and outdated behaviours into empowered patterns of mindset and behaviour that fuel your life and your purpose.

Receive industry leading certificates

Whether you’re searching to improve yourself from the inside out, want to integrate new skills to boost your business’ bottom-line or transform the lives of your family and friends, this 7 day course will challenge you to operate at your highest level.
At the end of the course you’ll receive these 4 industry leading certificates:

1. NLP Practitioner
2. Time Line Therapy® Practitioner
3. NLP Coach
4. Hypnotherapy Practitioner

Who are NLP courses for?

If you want to learn how to use smart, effective mindset and emotional clearing techniques and align yourself with the tools Oprah, JK Rowling and Tony Robbins swear by, then NLP is for you.

If you are serious about being the best possible version of yourself, then invest in yourself, invest in your future and transform your life at our upcoming NLP Certification Training.

Attend this training if you are:

✅ Looking to start a new career as a coach
✅ Widen the scope of your existing business
✅ Looking for a life changing breakthrough in personal development
✅ You want the ultimate in communication and leadership
✅ Want a proven system for success


NLP Practitioner course April

7 Day NLP Practitioner Course

Location: In room training Melbourne – Online via zoom available

Date for Option 1:    21st to 28th March 2023,    9.15am – 4pm AEDT.    We will have the Saturday 25th March as a day off.

Date for Option 2:    26th April to 3rd May 2023,    4pm – 11pm AEST (7am – 2pm GMT). We will have Sunday 30th April as a day off (online only)

  • Grab the blueprint which unfolds how to choose a clear direction for your life and business (and follow it with laser-sharp focus)
  • Get versed up on effective communication skills which up-level your personal and professional relationships
  • Crush through emotional blocks that have affected you physically
  • Gain tools to help transform the lives of your loved ones with your own NLP business

Upfront payment: $3997    Payment Plan: $4397

Limited places available. To secure your place or ask any questions: Click BOOK NOW to request a call or ask any questions.

Your welcoming and supportive call will be with Dr Kim Brown.

Talk to Kim about how to save $1000 when you enrol for the complete Master NLP Coach / Practitioner courses.

Master Practitioner NLP

Master NLP Practitioner Course  

Location: Online via zoom – totally interactive
Date: 3rd – 16th July 2023

4pm – 11pm AEST. (7am – 2pm GMT)

(we will have Sunday 9th July as day off)

Learn how to apply the following Master Practitioner NLP tools:

  • Personal Values – a source of personal happiness, understanding what’s important to you and others.
  • Meta Programs – unconscious inner patterns that make you who you are
  • Advanced sub modalities and strategies
  • How to model excellence in others, then install the model in yourself
  • Sleight of Mouth – 16 ways to reframe yourself and others
  • Advanced Healing – clear out the emotional baggage that causes dis-ease
  • Quantum Linguistics – powerful language patterns to rewrite your future
  • NLP Presentation Skills and Training Design
  • Full day Breakthrough Intervention

Upfront payment: $6997    Payment Plan: $7397

*prerequisite is completion of the NLP Practitioner course. 


Don’t stop until you’re proud.

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