Get mentored by doTERRA leader Dr. Kim Brown

The average home today contains roughly sixty-two toxic chemicals.

Here’s a quick way to solve this toxic problem. Switch out harsh chemicals with doTERRA Essential Oils.

When you join my team of extraordinary health and wellness advocates, you get access to mentoring, support and business development from like-minded women. Perfect if you’re keen to start a side-business or if you’re curious about dipping your toe into the world of wellness products.

Whatever the case, we succeed together to help make the world less toxic.

How to start selling doTERRA Essential Oils

You can become a Wellness Advocate (or wholesale member) for only $35 and start receiving a 25% discount on doTERRA products. 

You’ll also earn free doTERRA products through the Loyalty Rewards Program where you get points for scheduled orders.

You’ll also get a free personalised online store, free business training, marketing tools, a virtual office for sales, and the opportunity to grow a business while sharing the real benefits of essential oils.

Earn commission on your sales and on the sales of the people that sign up to sell under you. It’s simple, really. You share…more people share…it’s a good thing! 

This works for someone who places at least one order a year for their family or someone who wants to make a big business out of it. It’s the best way to get a great deal for anyone.

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