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7 steps to launching the new you

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Watch as Dr Kim Brown breaks down advanced training into a 7 Step plan to help you launch into 2020, right now!

Can be applied to whatever you want to work on in your life…

💟 Relationships

🏖 Freedom & adventure 

💰 Career, side hustle or Business 

💃 Health, Fitness, Body Confidence


Learn the blueprint which unfolds how to choose a clear direction for your life and follow it with laser-sharp focus.

If there is something new you are looking to incorporate into your life for 2020..

My kind suggestion would be to start it right ⚡️NOW⚡️

✨ Because momentum is powerful.

at the end of the session, you will know how to turn your limiting beliefs, negative emotions and outdated behaviours into empowered patterns of mindset and behaviour that fuel your life and your purpose.

There’s a formula to success. An easy blueprint I have to help get you there.

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Dr Kim Brown – Your Trainer

About Dr Kim Brown: I’m passionate about connecting and contributing to the empowerment of women’s lives. Whether you’re a woman at crossroads in your career or relationships, I’ll help you regain control of your confidence and live a life without regrets.

I’m also a qualified and dynamic Osteopath running two successful Melbourne clinics. My interest in allied and holistic health comes from my own experience of pain, and a curiosity about healing options, mind tips and success hacks.

Here’s what worked better for me. Learning NLP.

In order to best help my Osteopathy patients embarked on a remarkable learning journey which now sees me qualified and certified as an NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy ® trainer.

While my degree in Osteopathy helps me work with your body, my other qualifications assist me to help you get better mind clarity.

Join my video training today if you want to make a change but are overwhelmed on how to get started and moving – fast!


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