Face-to-face Melbourne Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course and also offered online Internationally via zoom

Hypnotherapy can empower you in your current job or if you are looking for a complete career change into the wellness and personal development industry. Our Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course is in Melbourne and we have online if that is more convenient for you.

Our graduates are recognised Internationally as Hypnotherapy Practitioners

Hypnotherapy course Melbourne

I already know you want to create positive change in your friends and family’s lives. Hypnotherapy is a practical and powerful mind key tool and is perfectly accessible for home-based ventures. You can also use it as an opportunity to master new skills for your next fulltime vocation.

Master your own mindset and beliefs and learn self hypnosis for long term success.

Individual hypnotherapy sessions Melbourne loves and they are also available online. Join the list of successful graduates and patients that have improved their lives with Hypnosis.

I also offer life changing one-one-one Hypnotherapy sessions face-to-face and online. If you’re after an in depth transformational session to remove anything standing between you and the life you want then I’d love to hear from you. Hypnotherapy is truly life changing because it gets into the deep part of the mind!


I work with clients who want to become non-smokers for life, lose unwanted weight and become healthier. Hypnosis can also help you to sleep better, reduce any anxiety and many more ways to improve your beliefs and behaviours.


Hypnotherapy is fun, relaxing and nothing like the stage shows you may have seen! Clients are fully in control and Hypnotherapy is a great way to change unconscious beliefs and behaviours. It can relieve past traumas and improve confidence and self belief.


Reach out for a chat so you can see how Hypnotherapy can help you shift your beliefs too.


Combine Hypnotherapy with NLP and Time Line Therapy® for the complete life changing Certifications. Let’s discuss how upgrading your qualifications can upgrade your opportunities.

Hypnotherapy course Melbourne

The question always comes down to is this: What do you feel you deserve?

Hypnotherapy course Melbourne